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Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

First off...letter to his dad (explains some of the pictures)
It sounds like your thanksgiving was way more eventful than mine. We tried to buy a chicken right before going home but...there were none left by the time we got to the store haha so we ate something called chori panes. Kind of like bratwursts haha. Oh yea and something I forgot to put in the big email that I will put in the next week is that we had an activity in the church that we were in charge of. We had a culture night! We assigned a country to every active family in the ward and some of the investigators that we are teaching as well. What you had to do was give a brief resumen of your country: population, number of members, temples, etc and prepare a typical food from that country (a national food?) we had the US and we made chili cheese fries with 2 of our investigators. It went really well and we ended up with 5 investigators there and all of them but 1 participated.
We have challenged ourselves to baptized more then we have before so I am really looking forward to the challenge and the best part of all is that I absolutely love the people that we have that we are teaching. It has been a crazy couple of weeks and we are looking to do things that have never happened before in the sector.
Now for the group letter:
How is it going!? Another week in paradise and honestly I have no complaints this week. I don't have a ton to write about this week because the truth is...everything went pretty much as planned. This week we are looking to have 2 baptisms and I am pretty excited about that. We are baptizing a girl named Darling and a boy name Bastian. Bastian is the little brother of Marcela (the girl that we baptized in September) and Darling is like my little sister. We have been working with Darlings family and as you can remember we taught her family with the President like 4 weeks ago and she is looking really good for this Saturday (I will send a lot of pictures next week)! We are getting closer to Christmas and it seems like every day I am being reminded by other missionaries and members that I don't have very much time left! (April) I have mixed feelings, but for the most part I just look at it for what it is. I still have plenty of time to find, teach and baptize and that is what is keeping me focused. We had a lot of people in church again this week and we have put some pretty high goals for ourselves in the sector and as a zone. I am confident in the people we have and know that if we do our part we are going to be able to help these people make covenants with God and make the important decision to get baptized in the Church of Jesus Christ.
Sorry it is just one of those weeks where nothing is coming to my mind that would be exciting to tell you about. But...something kind of cool that we get to do because we live close to Concepcion is that we get to go to the leadership conferences that we have once a month with President Humphrey and talk to him and Hermana Humphrey for like 1 and 1/2 hours about he mission and about normal stuff too. Today while we were talking to them President mentioned how he lived in Venezuela for a while and how he has traveled to China many times as well for business. I think it is really cool that he has had the opportunity to do a lot of international business and I think he might be slowly convincing me to get into the same field some day haha.
It is amazing the vision that the President has for the missionaries though, and the confidence and faith that he has in us as 19-21 year old young men and the sister missionaries to go out and get a job done. He is a really good leader and he knows how to run things in the mission and I have taken a lot of notes on his leadership qualities and hope to one day be in his same shoes. Also, before I forget...Elder Keller emailed me and said he is doing well. He had some really nice things to say and some good encouraging words for me. He is a really good guy and if he ever comes over to AZ, make sure that you invite him over to the house for dinner and hook him up with someone to go on a date with (he tells me he is still waiting on that first date...haha)
I am doing really well though and hope that you guys aren't getting too trunkie. I need your support until the very last day and I know that I will have it. I am so grateful for the support that I have from you guys. I got the Christmas package you sent and I am super thankful to have the family that has the means to be able to support me and provide for me. I love you guys so much and hope that this is one of the best weeks of your lives.
Yours Truly,
Elder Cody Dastrup

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