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Elder Cody K. Dastrup
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It costs .98 cents to mail a letter to CHILE.

Packages need to be sent via US Postal Service (send pkgs. priority mail and it runs from $12-$55 depending on size of box) DO NOT SEND VIA Fed-ex, UPS, or DHL (as it will cost him over $100 to get it in Chile)

If you would like to communicate via email, send an email to and your email will be forwarded to Cody as he is only allowed to email family members.

Monday, July 19, 2010

July 19, 2010

Hey Everyone! How is it going! Chile is doing great and I have my first baptism this week, STEPHANIE! It's gunna be awesome. I also had my first baptismal commitment this past week....IN SPANISH! haha. The work is good and my companion is still really good. I am super excited for tonight because we are inviting another person to be baptized this Sunday! I think she will say yes, but I don't know. She is 10 years old and reminds me of Katie, they have quite a bit of money and she dresses just like Katie and looks 2 or 3 years older then she is. Her dad is super cool and likes the NBA! And likes the SUNS! (my favorite Chilean I have met so far) I think we should be having more success in the next month or so with baptisms but you never know here. We had 8 investigators at iglesia and it was super good, because that is usually the hardest part, getting them to church. We have church at 10 in the morning and I don't want to call the people of Chile lazy but...they are. haha We knocked a door the other day at noon and got yelled at because it was too early and the man was sleeping, and it was a weekday! So pray for our investigators to wake up a little earlier and come to church! We played soccer today because it's our p-day and I had 2 goals! We played 10 on 10 on a huge field and it was good for me, I needed to go run around. How are you all doing? I miss our ward so much and all my friends but I know what I am doing is so much better then anything else anyone could be doing. I am also currently reading Jesus the Christ, it is amazing and everyone should read it (members and non members of the church) Jesus, I just know with all my heart that he is our Savior and I cannot explain it but I feel so close to him right now. I've got to go but know that I always pray for you all and just want do say, enjoy life it is truly so amazing, just look around.
Love you all,
Elder Cody Dastrup

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