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Sunday, February 6, 2011

January 31, 2011

Hey Everyone!!!

I had a rough week this week! I have enjoyed a lot of success in this new sector but I feel like this week was one of the rougher ones of my mission. The mission is full of ups and downs like for example...we had 2 baptisms this month of January and yesterday we went to go check on some other people that are getting ready for their baptisms and....they don't want to listen to us anymore. We aren't giving up on them but I definitely took that kind of hard. O yea and I had a funny experience too. I don't know if you know but people in other countries either love or HATE America and we ran into a guy who hates it....We knocked his door and I said who we were and said "Do you believe that Christ is our Savior?" this is what the nice man said to me "Are you here to kill us too? Because you are going around killing everyone else" So I said "I killed someone? I am a missionary" and he said "Your country kills innocent people everyday and you are all the same, you are just here to kill more people" So....I tell this nice man that "I am from Canada!" and he still slammed the door in my face!!! I feel like something like that happens at least once a week and it makes doing contacts in the street way more exciting. But as for our sector...we had an activity this last Friday and me and my companion planned everything and did pretty much everything at the activity. Only like 15 members showed up (to a ward activity) and we had about 10 non members there. It was pretty successful but this next month we are going to plan everything out better and hopefully have more people attend. On Sunday we didn't have anybody show up to church and we were expecting like 5 or 6 people. We passed by later in the day for the people that said that they were going to come to church and some of them told us that they didn't want to talk to us anymore. I was really bummed about that but we will keep working with them and hopefully we can pass by and save the situation.

In other news, I heard about the Superbowl and that sounds really exciting! I feel like the Steelers will win 27-21 over the Packers. I also was at a members house and saw a clip from a Suns game while we were eating lunch which was really weird. I also have been writing to David Hall a lot recently and it sounds like he is really excited to be able to go on a mission. I am so excited for him and hope that I made some kind of positive impact in his decision to go because he is making an impact on my mission right now. He is an awesome example on how people can really grow and change in a really short period of time and I absolutely love the kids! I also heard Derek is coming home this next week! That is crazy! It feels like he just left, but I guess it has been 2 years now, amazing how time flies. Well I have got to write some more letters to the family so I am going to go but have an amazing week and remember to do something good for someone else when you get the chance.

Love always,

Elder Cody Dastrup

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