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Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, 2011

Another good week of work put in this week!! We baptized Alajandra this Sunday and it was an awesome experience. Our ward here did a really good job befriending her and in the end I feel like that's what got her to her baptism. Our ward is starting to work really well and we had a capacitation this week with President about working with the wards and I feel like it will really help us out in the long run. We also did a lot of work in the street and found some really good new investigators. We are working with this one guy named Claudio and his girlfriend Claudia who are living together. Claudio is 27 and is a member and is a really good guy but he has made a few mistakes and is now a little far from the church and everything. Claudia isn't a member of the church but wants to start going and change her life and it's still really early but I feel like they have a ton of potential.

This is kind of off subject but mom asked a question about the ward in the email and the answer is...every sector where missionaries work is only 1 ward and you can have 2 or 4 (which is rare) missionaries in a sector. Elder Scott and I work in a Ward called Lorenzo Arenas and we are the only missionaries over our ward and sector and we only have that 1 ward in our sector.

Lets we went to the beach and played ultimate Frisbee and a little football and I really liked it. It was the first time that I had seen the beach in all of my time here in Chile. I took some good pictures and I will try to put some of them in this email. I am doing good and have been reading a lot of the talks that mom sent me for Christmas and also reading the book that Buzzz Miller sent me it's REALLY GOOD and perfect for a missionary and it's called "Sustaining the Faith" (I think) haha. The President changed our schedule too and we wake up a half hour later at 7:30am and we go to bed a half hour later 11:30pm. I love it!!! Not to much happened this week but we are going to go make pizza with a member for lunch so I am going to get going because I am starving!!! And I got the package from you mom and from Mark and Vonda (thank you) and yes I still get a pretty decent amount of letters :)

Have a wonderful day,
Elder Cody Dastrup

I asked him if Pizza was the same as here and he said no it isn't the same but it's not bad. It's definitely way better in the states because here instead of pizza sauce they usually just put sliced tomatoes on top of the Pizza.

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