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Monday, January 10, 2011

January 10, 2011

Hey Everyone!
This week has been an interesting one full of hard work and blessings! We set a goal for Claudia to stop smoking by this last Saturday so that she could get baptized this week but she continues to smoke and we had to drop her this week. It is tough to drop people (stop working with them) but she lives far away and right now we just don't have the time to visit her on a consistent basis, hopefully she changes. On a good note we witnessed a miracle last night. So we have been working with the lady named Alejandra and also with her son Thomas (I baptized him a week ago) for like a month now. She goes to church every week and really wants to get baptized. At Thomas' baptism she was balling her eyes out and kept telling us how beautiful it was, but she was living with someone who she isn't married to so she couldn't be baptized. The guy she was living with is the dad of her 2 kids but his a total...beeeeep (plug in your own word here) or LOSER!!!! He always brags about how he has been in jail a lot and how he is really gangster and he is soooo annoying! Guess what....Alejandra kickedhim out of the house so that she can get baptized this week!!! She is working a lot now because she has to pay for the rent but I think we might have found a job where she will make more money and stuff so hopefully it all works out and she can afford to live alone with the kids. Please pray for her, that everything will work out and she won't have anything bad happen to her this week. I am really excited for her and I will fill you guys in on whatever happens with her.

As for me I am doing good, on Monday I took a huge bag of tobacco from Claudia so that she couldn't smoke it and I left it in my scripture case all week on accident! My bible now smells like Argentine tobacco! Also the last couple of weeks i have shedding a few extra pounds. I went to the office today and weighed myself and....I am back to 155 lbs (less than when I was in the MTC) I think I lost weight because I stopped cooking at night and I have actually done my exercises a few times in this transfer opposed to before when I would just roll out of bed and drag myself to the shower. I am going to start waking up at 6:30 again (the rule is 7 here) and start playing basketball at a park by our house. I am really excited for this transfer and expect to grow a tonnn this next 6 weeks. Wellll I love you all and hope you all are doing well. Let my mom know if you need anything from me.

Yours truly,
Elder Cody Dastrup

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