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Friday, January 21, 2011

January 17, 2011

Hey everyone!
This week has been a long one full of surprises and a lot of work! My companion Elder Scott and I have been working our butts off this week and I feel like it has really paid off. The beginning of the week started off kind of slow but on Wednesday morning the Zone Leaders came over to our house to study with us and do divisions. I went out with Elder Catucuagu (from Ecuador) and we did some contacts in the street. We knocked a door and a couple of girls answered and we entered the house and taught a really good lesson. Both of them seemed really excited to go to church this week and I was expecting to see them there, but...Sunday rolled around and we called them in the morning and they didn't answer, we went to church and they didn't show up. I was kind of bummed that they didn't come and as we were walking home from church the phone rang and I answered, they asked if "Cody" was there...And then I realized I had made a mistake...for all of you who have never been missionaries there are a few things you should never do...1st tell two teenage girls your first name, 2nd Don't call them from your cell pone without blocking the number and 3rd...I don't know but lest say that these girls seemed so solid, looks like they might have just been more interested in the missionaries then the message haha. But all is well and we have straightened out that problem. As for Alajandra...She didn't end up getting baptized on Sunday. On Tuesday we went and visited her and her abusive ex boyfriend showed up. She was crying and it was just a mess but she is on track to get baptized this Sunday and we are going to pass by every night to make sure nothing stops her from getting in the water. I am really excited for Alejandra and her family and I feel like she will be one of my strongest converts that I have baptized in the mission. I just ask that you guys can pray for her that everything goes smooth this week and that she will be ready for baptism this Sunday.

As for me I am doing good. I am really enjoying the mission,, my Spanish is improving and I love the people we are working with. We have a ton of potential here in the sector and I can't wait to see what this ward is like in 2 more months. I am missing home a little but every time that I think about how much I miss everything, I think about how much I love everything here and it makes everything alright. This last week I completed 9 months in the mission and it is so weird to think I have been out that long's true. Does it feel like I have been gone that long to you guys? Ohh and I received some bad news this week. I have heard that Elder Garcia has a hip problem and he has to have an expensive surgery (which is $$ that he doesn't have) and he might have to end his mission early and go home:( I love him and have been praying that everything works out for him and ask taht you guys do the same, he is a really good guys. That's all I have for today, but if you guys need or want anything else just let me know and I will be more then glad to do it.

Con Carino,
Elder Cody Dastrup

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