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Monday, January 3, 2011

January 3, 2011

Hey Everyone,
How's it going? I am doing good and had an awesome Christmas and New Years! I have a lot to write it goes. Christmas was really good, we worked on Christmas Eve until 9 and after that we went over to a members house and had Christmas dinner with them (we had Mexican food...kind of) We stayed over there for a couple of hours and had a really good time they gave me and my comp some presents and then we left and went home. Christmas morning was a little lame, but we ended up waking up and running downstairs and opening presents (ties, socks, etc) it was super exciting but lest just say nothing really beats a Christmas in the states. Later in the day we got to call the family using Skype and for the first time in 8 months I saw my family! That was my favorite part of the day and I really enjoyed seeing everyone, and you all look the same except Katie...haha. At like 7 we got back out into the street and worked for 3 hours before we finally went to sleep.

New Years was next and we had a blast! We ate dinner with a family from the church at 9 and then went and spent the New Years Eve as fun as you can as a the house haha. New Years day we woke up and went to play paintball! We went to this place that is on the side of a mountain full of trees, mud and hills and I felt like I was in Vietnam! It was intense and we ended up playing for 4 hours and afterwards we went back to the Assistants house and ordered a bunch of pizza and watched a Disney movie. New Years day was probably the most fun day that I have had out here in the mission, it was a blast. Afterwards, like always we went back to work and had a pretty good night.

Now the serious stuff, this week we had a baptism! I was really excited and really content with the baptism that we had on Sunday. His name is Thomas and he is 9, we have been teaching him and his mom but only he could get baptized on Sunday because his mom still isn't ready. I had the opportunity to baptize him and I was really glad that I got to do it. I sent some pictures of the baptism, so hopefully they make it. Everything went really smooth and they called a new ward mission leader in the ward I am in and lets just say we are going to have some serious success here because of him. He is an awesome guy who is always thinking about how the ward can better itself and what they can do to help us (I strongly suggested him to the Bishop to be our ward mission leader 2 weeks ago and he got called last week, haha)

That's all I have for now but I will be writing again next Monday and my P-days will start being on Monday's once again. Thanks for all that you guys do for me, all the support and Christmas presents. I wanted to say thanks to Bro. Ladd and the ward for sending me that package full of candy and stuff too....THANKS A TON!

Yours Truly,
Elder Dastrup

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