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Monday, August 22, 2011

August 22, 2011

Hey Everyone!
Whats going on? I feel really good today for some reason, so you should get a half way decent email out of me. haha The good news or the bad news first?....Ok the bad news, the prefect cambio goal went down the drain this last week and we didn't get to baptize anyone this weekend. The good news is, we shattered our baptismal goal as a zone this month and are looking really good for the next month. In our sector we are working with a couple of really good people and I honestly feel like we will be baptizing quite a few people in the next 2 or 3 weeks. I feel like I didn't work to my full potential this last week and this week we are going to put in the batteries and go to work! I am so grateful for all of the emails and letters that you guys send and for all of the support that I have. I have the best family in the world and I would not be what I am if it wasn't for you guys. Thanks, I love you guys a ton.

A couple of interesting things happened this week that I thought I would tell you guys about. I don't have time to write about everything but I will fill you in on the things I found most interesting. So we have 4 sister missionaries in our zone and they are AWESOME! They work hard , plan well and are always finding new people and are just...better than the Elders haha. Well last night I took one of our district leaders out to Hualqui (their sector), which is like 20 minutes outside of the city where we live. So we went there to train the ward mission leader and the ward missionaries and teach them about a program that we have adopted as a mission. The training went really well and it was really spiritual. At 9:30 it ended and we went to go catch a bus to go back home. We waited about 15 minutes and nothing passed, so we went to go talk to some people in the street as w were waiting and we ran into a member. Well, the man was baptized in the church a long time ago but hasn't gone for a long time. To make the long story short, he was drunk out of his mind and said he wouldn't be able to sleep that night until he knew we had caught a bus. Well...a bus never came and it was about 10:45 and we were stuck in Hualqui with a drunk member of the church and another 5 or 6 drunk people who were all waiting for the same bus as us. I called like 5 people to try to find a ride and nobody would answer. I was about to call president when the idea came to my head to call the sister missionaries and see if someone in their ward would take us. About 10 minutes later a member of their ward was there and took us home. (he wasn't very happy about doing it and made us pay him to do it but...we got home haha) And the only other thing I can really thing of is that this morning we had a mexican fiesta for the zone and made them all burritos and mexican food for reaching the goal! I love where I am at and I love the Zone with all my heart, they are all so awesome! (A zone is a group of missionaries)

Sounds like all is going pretty well at home! I hope Taylor passed her exam and I am glad to hear that Katie is doing well in High School. I miss you guys a ton and you are always in my prayers. Have a good one!
Con tanto carino,
Elder Cody Dastrup

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