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Monday, October 10, 2011

October 10, 2011

How are we doing? It's been another incredible week full of adventures. On Monday we had a leadership conference that I talked about a little bit in my last letter that I really enjoyed and I learned a ton. On Tuesday we had our Zone meeting and Elder Weston and I went over the need to have more urgency and taught the zone how to help their investigators progress more rapidly and helping them become more converted to the gospel. After we finished teaching our section, President (who showed up by surprise) taught the zone about 1 Nephi 8, 11 (Lehi's dream) and he showed us how we can apply it to our investigators. Elder Bednar gave an awesome talk on Lehi's dream in the October Ensign that you all should read! On Wednesday and Thursday my companion and all of the new missionaries went to a capacitation with President and they were there almost all day. I ended up working with Elder West (one of my best friends here) and we worked half the time in my sector and the other half in his sector. We had a good time and taught a ton of good lessons. My companion Elder Ford seems to be progressing more and more every day and I feel like in another 9 weeks or so he will be able to understand everyone and communicate himself.
In terms of my sector (mom wanted to know more about it), I work in a sector called La Pradera (The Prairie). It is gigantic and I have been pushing really hard to get 4 missionaries into the sector to help us work a little bit more efficiently. Our sector has a reputation for being extremely dangerous in certain parts, but I feel like its just got a lot of poor parts. The people definitely seem to be more humble here though and I can see the hand of God blessing these people that have so little materialistic things. I hope that we can continue finding good people. Our sector is like 30 in. in bus from the office of the mission and we come into Concepcion to do our internet and get our cards and stuff every week. The sector is beautiful but...I haven't taken a ton of pictures, I will try to take a few this week.
I think the biggest thing that I learned or that I felt this past week was just how lucky that I am to be here serving these people. We are having a ton of success in our Zone and I feel like it has come from our ability to be obedient and diligent in all that we do. My companion and I are determined to have a good week and I know that this next week will be better than the last. We are working with an in active family and are planning on baptizing their son this weekend. We are also teaching a girl named Loreto and we feel like she will be getting baptized as well, but she didn't come to church on Sunday so I am not really sure what will happen there.
Thanks for the support and all of the letters. I am coming down the homestretch and although I am not looking forward to leaving all of this behind, I am glad to know that I have amazing friends and family to go home to. I love you guys a ton!
Yours truly,
Elder Cody Dastrup

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