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Elder Cody K. Dastrup
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Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey guys,
Once again...awesome week. I love the mission. Things have gotten a little spicy around here with all of the changes but nothing that we can't handle! I am now working as a Zone Leader here in Chiguayante with the responsibility of training a newbie! He is really cool and I really enjoy him. We are not a ton a like, but it is ok because he has a really good heart and is really willing to help the people come unto Christ (our purpose) haha. I have been a little stressed because he doesn't speak any Spanish and it has been really hard to watch him struggle and it has been hard to have to do everything here in the sector. I went from a very experienced missionary who spoke perfect Spanish, who I depended on a ton, to now having a newbie and really having to run the show! It has been interesting this week and I am really praying that he can pick up the language a little bit so that he can help out a little more in the teaching. The week was good though and I don't really have any big complaints. We are working with 2 people that should be getting baptized on the 9th and the 16th of this month and we hope to find more people this week that we can take to conference this weekend. I am soooo ready for conference! I love having conference in the mission. When there is conference we go to the stake center and all of the members and latins watch it together and all of the gringos missionaries watch it in english in their own room. I love it, and I get a lot more out of conference in the mission than I did before.

It sound like everything back home is good. I am sooo glad that Tiff and Jeff live in our ward now and I can't wait until I get back and can go hang out with them. So what exactly are they doing in our area with the church? They are going to have more advertisements and commercials on tv? (he's talking about the new campaign) That will be cool and will be a lot easier to talk about the church with people. You guys are going to be so shocked with how much I have changed here in the mission. I feel like I haven't changed too much but I am definitely more direct, goal oriented and willing to do whatever it takes or make whatever sacrifice to reach what I want to become. I thank you guys so much for sending me out here and can't wait to be able to come back and help the church in my own ward. I promise I won't be one of those lazy RM's who "doesn't have time"for missionary work. (so frustrating when rm's say that here) Love you guys a ton and hope that all is well!

Your boy,
Elder Cody Dastrup

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