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Monday, September 5, 2011

September 5, 2011

Time is flying! I feel like I was just here writing you guys a letter the other day. Not too much has happened this week out of the ordinary. We are working well in our sector and as always there are no problems between my companion and I . He is leaving in 2 weeks to go home to Fresno CA and he seems to have mixed feeling about it. I know that he is excited to go home and be with his family and friends but he is kind of nervous about the transition, so....we have been talking about what he should do when he gets back (studies, dating, working...etc) He has had a lot of family trouble as well so it has been hard for him and I feel like he is probably going home to a pretty difficult situation. I love my companion though and we are staying really focused as a companionship and continuing to work hard, which leads me to my next point. We had another baptismal service this weekend! I am really grateful for the success that we have been able to have and I really feel like we will keep going strong and keep having success here. We have 2 other people that we are working with that are really close and could possibly get baptized this weekend but it would be a real long shot. One of them is super close to being able to get baptized and has made the decision that she wants to do it but wants the support of her family. She is 20 years old and technically doesn't need the permission, but I understand where she is coming from a little bit and we are trying to get her mom to support her decision.

Our zone of missionaries is doing awesome and we are off to another really good start this month. The missionaries in my zone are Zarco,Jenson, Stowe(the jansons know him), brown, Orihuela,Weston, Arana, Sisters DaLuz, Brady, Child and Bustinza. We had set some goals as a zone last month and met them, so today we took the zone and did a really fun activity with them. (we got permission from the president and took the entire zone bowling and afterwards to PIZZA HUT! (the pizza hut is in the other mission but we got permission) I bought a whole family size pizza and a double 1/4 pounder from the Mcdonalds next door to eat tonight after we get home from work. The zone is working really well as a group right now and although there are 2 sectors who aren't' seeing much results, there are other sectors that have been consistently strong, which makes up for them. I love where I am at and I feel like we are looking strong again this month.

I am doing great though and am really happy with everything. I am starting to put goals with myself so that I don't get trunkie in these last months of my mission and so that I can push myself harder and have an awesome end to the mission. Miss you guys and love you a ton!
Elder Dastrup

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