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Monday, September 12, 2011

September 12, 2011

Another good week in the mission! We really got down to work this week and it seems like things are going to be picking up a ton in the next few weeks. We had a confirmation this week of the girl that got baptized last week and it looks like there is a good possibility that we have another baptism this week and the week after as well...but we will have to wait and see. The week started off king of slow but looking back on it I don't know if I have had a more successful week in the mission. We entered in 10 new houses this week and have found 3 new families to teach. I really feel strongly that 2 of these families are going to progress, but we want them to progress together as a family and be able to be baptized together as a family as well. It is amazing how things can change so much in 1 week.

Last night we had a lesson with one of the families that we found this week. They had shared with the missionaries about 8 months ago and went to church a few times but they ended up not getting baptized because they felt like the missionaries were being pushy and just wanted them to get baptized. We talked to them about following Christs example in everything and promised them a ton of blessings. The father is a member of the church but is inactive. the mother and their 3 kids are not members and aer the ones who actually have more desire to listen to us (I think the dad was drunk last night). But anyways, in the lesson last night we asked the wife if she really wanted to progress and if she would do the preparation so that she could get baptized with the kids. The dad jumped in and said "She doesn't want to listen to you guys, she won't follow through with this and you guys are just going to waste your time on her...Isn't that true?" and then the wife looked at him in the eyes and said "I want to do this, I want to do the preparation, but I want to do this as a family and I want all of the kids to get baptized with me!" Her husband almost had a heart attack when he heard that and my companion said to him, "I bet you haven't heard that from her before" and the husband said "no, that the first time that she has said she wanted to get baptized, and I know she isn't lying". We feel really blessed to have found this family and we are going to do our part to make sure that they start progressing.

How is the AZ summer? It is finally coming to an end! How was Sept. 11th, the 10 year anniversary? I remembered it and thought a lot about how lucky we are to live in a free country and have all of the luxuries that we have. Chile is a nice country, but we are so blessed to live where we do. I've got to go, we are in Chillan and my companion is going to say bye to some of his converts today. Thanks for everything. Love you guys a ton!
Yours truly,
Elder Cody Dastrup

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