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Sunday, October 31, 2010

October 25, 2010

Oops I did it again and forgot to put the letter on the blog...sorry about that...Sherri (aka Cody's Mom)

Hey everyone!
I am down in Chile in downtown Chillan (my city). I had another great week with a lot of cool experiences. A lot of the normal experiences that we have everyday are really so wonderful and we need to take advantage of this wonderful place that we live in. We contacted (knocked doors) for a big chunk of this week. It was a really good experience and we really met a lot of neat people. We are going to work with the people we found this week and continue searching for that family that is waiting for us to knock on their door. I don't think I sent you them last week, but we had an activity with the primary kids this last week and they are soooooo cute. They remind me of the kids from nursery in our ward. I will attach the pictures on the email, can you send them to the Yamamotos so they can show the nursery kids? Anywho....Elder Gil is my new companion (it's pronounced like hill). He is from a smaller town in Argentina and is a really good
guy. For any of you that know Latins, in general Argentinos are labeled by other Latins to be "big talkers" and he is! haha I absolutely love the kid though and we get along so easy. He isn't quite as obedient as the other 2 missionaries that I had before, but he is obedient and we are working good together. He is also a lot more loving with the people, which I absolutely love. He doesn't speak any English so sometimes we have difficulties communicating, but I am good enough that I understand pretty much everything that he says and can respond.

We are still searching a lot for the investigators that we can teach and that will progress and it is difficult but we now have a few that we are working with that should be looking at getting baptized some time in November. We found out that one of our investigators is helping her neighbors sell drugs so we are working with her and teaching her that even helping her is wrong. So...we are working our butts off and I know with all of my heart that we are going to be blessed for what we are doing. OOOO!!! I just love what I am doing, I can honestly say that I have never been happier in my life. I can also say that I have never been so stressed! There are so many good people in the world that show us a lot of love. Obviously we run into a bunch of people that want nothing to do with us but....THAT'S LIFE!! I am so happy when we find those good people and I have already found a bunch of people that remind me about people from back home.

Mom asked if they celebrate Halloween down here and the answer is kind of...It's really just a rip off of ours way toned down but, none the less they celebrate it. I am actually really excited to see how it is here and if they knock doors, I don't think they do. I sent out a letter to Gma and Gpa on both sides of the family so they should be getting there this next week or the next. I still haven't gotten either of the packages but I am hoping for this Wednesday because we have a special conference with a member of the first quorum of the 70. I am excited for that. Don't worry about me, I am doing good mentally, physically, emotionally...Everything! Love you guys and hope that you have the best week of your life this week.

Yours Truly,
Elder Cody Dastrup

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