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Saturday, May 28, 2011

May 28, 2011

Hey hows it going for everyone? It was another stellar week here in the mission and although we didn't have a ton of time to work in the field we got a lot of stuff done here in the office and I feel like we really helped the mission out. Its kind of hard sometimes being here in the office because sometimes you feel like you aren't helping the mission out when you aren't having success in your sector in terms of baptisms and other investigators. It has also been difficult to have a companion who has back problems. We have had to cancel appointments and drop what we are doing on various occasions so that he can come to the office and sit down because his back is hurting him. He has a herniated disk and something else wrong with his back and will need to have surgery. He opted to do the surgery after the mission, but he downfall of that is that he is in a lot of pain here and it is really slowing him down. I hope all goes well with him and that he recovers quickly so that we can go out and work and have some more success in our sector but I know that I am with him, in the sector for a I am fine with it, but we are striving to get out and have more success.

Maria is doing alright but still hasn't came back to church since the first time that she came. She is an interesting lady and it has been really hard to get her to follow through with her commitments. We are really looking hard for a family that will listen to us that is really willing to put our message to the test. Something I don't get and I don't think I ever will is how people won't even listen to our message. What do you have to lose in listening to our message? When we enter houses, we teach them what we believe and then we invite them to pray and ask God if what we taught is true or invite them to read something or go to church on Sunday and find out for themselves what it is like and I have really come to the conclusion that there are 3 main types of "Christians" that we always find here. The 1st group are those who believe in their religion and sincerely are following it because they feel like its what they should do, they do what they do because they believe in God and believe its his will. The 2nd type is the Catholics who are catholic is the "oldest church" and they somehow feel like they are saved because their parents baptized them shortly after birth and although they have done nothing to show their faith to God at any point in their lives, they are saved due to tradition, who may times don't even believe in God or know what they believe. The other group that I have run into is the smallest group of them all and its the group that wants to follow God and will do almost anything to know that he really exists and really, sinceremente are good people. We are praying night and day to find someone in the 3rd group. Someone humble, that will just give us the time of day so that we can give them the most priceless and precious thing that there is! I love being here and have really found myself....who I really am and the person I need to become. I love you guys a ton.
Con Carino,
Eldero Cody Dastrup

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