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It costs .98 cents to mail a letter to CHILE.

Packages need to be sent via US Postal Service (send pkgs. priority mail and it runs from $12-$55 depending on size of box) DO NOT SEND VIA Fed-ex, UPS, or DHL (as it will cost him over $100 to get it in Chile)

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

June 4, 2011

How are we doing this week? My week has been on full of ups and downs. My comp and I got off to a rough start this week but as any ex missionary knows....that just happens sometimes. We worked out our differences and now we are really getting some work done. We have already found a ton of new investigators this week and it is looking like we might have 1 or 2 in church this week! Woohoo! Maria told me the other day that she won't be coming to church this Sunday because she has to go watch her grandkids....We have more or less had to drop her, which was a tough decision, but I feel like we did our part and she wasn't willing to do hers. I feel like I have grown a lot this week in terms of maturity and as a leader and I honestly feel like I am just a way better person than I was 1 week ago from today. I have realized that every person has their own personal battles and doubts and we as missionaries have been asked to step in and fight, step in and destroy all of their doubts. Now more than ever I have really felt the weight of my calling and I LOVE being a missionary. Not a ton has happened this week but I feel like next week, the way things are going, I will have some interesting experiences.

I am glad to hear that the package I sent go to you guys. All of the stuff I sent is stuff that I had never seen in the States before and things that they eat or use a lot here in Chile. The 2 wooden things are Trompos (the spinning top) and the other thing don't have a clue what it is called. Type in "How to throw a trompo" on youtube and you should be able to see a video on how to do it. I am glad to hear that you guys are all doing well and that you have received a lot of blessings as of lately. Also, it was cool to hear that Tiff and Jeff are going to be living in AZ again! I can't wait to get back and have a lot the family close. I haven't heard from a lot of friends and some family in a while but I hope all is well with you guys and that you are enjoying your lives. Just remember to make the best out of every day and every situation. I love you all and send you all a big hug via email!

Con mucho mucho Carino,
Elder Cody Dastrup

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