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Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25, 2011

Hey how we doin?

I am doing well and had an interesting week. We received another companion this week and it has been a huge blessing to me. He is a really good missionary and has helped us out in the office a ton. I haven't been able to get out and work in our sector at all this week except for 1 night for 2 hours when I went out with one of the assistants. It feels to me like we didn't get very much done this week or at least in terms of the missionary work we weren't very successful but, I know I am doing what the lord wants me to do and he put me here in this office for a reason. My companion still struggles with his back problems. he is going through a lot and it looks like he will be going home in 2 transfers more. It is difficult for me because due to his pains he is not able to get up on time or able to leave the office very often and work which stinks for me but its the assignment that I have right now so I am trying to get through it with a humble heart knowing that I won't be in this position for very much longer (7 weeks hopefully haha). We have transfers this Monday and we are getting a lot of new Zone Leaders and a new assistant, which will shake thing sup a lot in the mission. I am doing good tough and I am really happy where I am at and with my progression. My spirits are up and I'm excited for another challenging transfer here in the office but I would be lying if I said I didn't have an itch to get out and do some other type of work haha. Nothing too exciting has happened here recently but at the same time I feel like I am always on my toes. I took my district out to lunch today and it looks like I will be getting some new people in my district this upcoming transfer, which could help us have a little more success. We also went and took some photos of some buildings that fell over in the earthquake that I will attach to this email. We also have a talent show and I have a baptism to go to tonight so I better get going (the activity starts in 20 minutes!) I hope all is well with you guys and I will try to send something out with more details this next week. Love you guys a ton.

Yours truly,

Elder Cody Dastrup

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