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Elder Cody K. Dastrup
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Monday, June 13, 2011

June 11, 2011

Hey whats going on!?? It is Saturday morning here, very cloudy and it has been raining off and on for the last couple of days. I have come down with a pretty bad fever that is putting me in a ton of pain bu....we are still working, no worries. My companion is doing better and in interviews with President this week he told me that my job was to get as much work out of him as possible and when he can't handle the pain anymore he will just have to go home. It's kind of sad to think that there is a good possibility that he won't be able to make it for the whole 2 years, but he just needs to take advantage of the time he has left and really give it 110%. I have been so blessed with good health on the mission and even though I am a little under the weather right now, it could be a lot worse.

This week has been another really tough one and we haven't see a lot of progress here in the sector. Due to the work in the office and my companions bad back, it has been especially hard this week to get out and work. I don't feel like we are working as effectively as we could be and for some reason things just aren't panning out. Today we have an appointment with Maria and I am really hoping that it goes well. I have been studying, praying and planning all week so that everything goes well tonight, so I have confidence that it will. We are also working with another kid named Guillermo who came to church last week and we are hoping that he can start progressing at the rate that he should. The work has been difficult, frustrating and we haven't seen the fruits of our labors too much, but I know that it's coming and that we will start seeing some miracles here.

In other news, I did actually get to do some fun stuff today and it looks like we are going to get out and go to take some pictures of Concepcion as well. There is a park full of big Dinosaur statues and there are also a couple of huge building that either fell down or are half way fallen from the earthquake last year. Also, Elder Robers, one of the AP's is learning how to drive stick because Elder Keller is leaving after the cambio and the truck that they have is stick shift, so we are going to go out with him and hope that I don't die int the process! We are going to have transfers here in 2 more weeks and there are 20 missionaries going him, so I think that I might actually be out of here....(it's a small possibility but its a possibility) I am fine with whatever and I really just hope that I can remain happy no matter where I am at. I love you guys a ton and think about you whenever I have a little bit of spare time (from 10:59-11:00 at night). I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the AZ summer!

Con mucho mucho Carino,

Elder Cody Dastrup

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