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Elder Cody K. Dastrup
Chile Concepcion Mission
O'Higgins 940,Oficina 502

It costs .98 cents to mail a letter to CHILE.

Packages need to be sent via US Postal Service (send pkgs. priority mail and it runs from $12-$55 depending on size of box) DO NOT SEND VIA Fed-ex, UPS, or DHL (as it will cost him over $100 to get it in Chile)

If you would like to communicate via email, send an email to and your email will be forwarded to Cody as he is only allowed to email family members.

Friday, May 21, 2010

May 21, 2010

Hey everyone como estan! How are ya'll doing? The MTC life has picked up a little bit and we are working wayyy hard! This week (yesterday) we had to teach our whole lesson in Spanish! It was so flipping hard! My companion can speak almost fluently though so it's all good. But anyways I have a funny story about our lesson...well I was about to bear my testimony to the lady we were teaching and what I was trying to say was "I know my Spanish is bad BUT I know that God loves all of us etc..." but what I ended up saying was I know my Spanish is bad BECAUSE God loves us....AHHH! Just to clarify things to everybody, my Spanish is not bad because of God's love for me, it's bad because I am a white boy from a white town with all white friends and a white family! haha Anyways, my companion thought that it was hilarious and gives me crap about it like every day. Esta bi en. I have been studying the Book of Mormon hard and will probably finish reading it in 2 weeks or so. (I started over the day I got here). We have another district leaving on Monday, but we did get some good news, we get a new district of 12 with 4 hermanas (sister missionaries). It's always nice to have some sisters in the zone, it keeps us humble. How is everybody doing? How's the weather? It is still a little chilly here on most days, but I love it. I watched a video on the world report and it talked about Chile. The report said that over 1 million homes were either destroyed or badly damaged. It's crazy to think of how many that is. I am so excited to get down there and help those people out, and even though I might not know a word they are saying, I will still know how to serve. I just wanted to thank you mom and dad for always teaching me by example how to serve and love others no matter what your reward may be. I heard something the other day that hit me kind of weird, it's really simple but I think we can all ask ourselves this question before we go to sleep at night. "Have I done any good in the world today? Have I helped anyone in need?" If you haven't then you are doing something wrong and you seriously need to evaluate the way you are living your life. I promise to you that as you serve others you will be a happier person and you will be a great example to others. I love you all so much and pray for you nightly, keep praying for the people I am going to serve that they may be prepared to learn. Have an amazing week. Love,
Elder Cody Dastrup

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